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The Copy Creative - Top-rated Copywriting Agency

The Copy Creative: A business built to help yours grow.

Angelie and Shane - Copywriting agency for start-ups and small businesses

Perhaps our story is a lot like yours.

It’s a story of two eager college graduates working stable, salaried jobs, just like they were supposed to.

Until one day, they thought, Maybe there’s something more. What if we could do things our way?

What if we could work on our time, our dreams, and our goals — not someone else’s?

Within 2 months, our side hustle skyrocketed into a full-time career. We quit our jobs, and never looked back. 

While we work more than the average 9-5, we work on our time so you can, too.

Not only have we served clients in countries around the globe, but we’ve worked our way through it.

Our office has taken the shape of rooms overlooking the African savannah, the Adriatic Sea, and the Ancient Acropolis.


We believe our business grows the more we dream, take risks, and push the envelope.

The more we ask “Why not?” “Why not us?” “Why not our clients?”

Here’s to your adventure. To your "why not."  Whether that’s traveling the world, retiring early,

or spending just one hour more with your friends and family, we’re here to make it a reality.


You choose your reality. Let’s create it, write it, and publish it together.

Sincerely your #1 fans, 

Angelie & Shane

Meet Your Copywriting Team.

We write for any brand in any tone, but unlike anyone.

It's your story.


We're here to direct, produce, and play the part, no matter the role. 

To research, write, and reimagine the way you tell your story.


Consider us method actors. Brand chameleons. The "Johnny Depp of copywriting," if you will. We're here to act as your second set of hands so you can work smarter, not harder. 


But as every actor has their typecast, we specialize in the following topics:

  • Business & Marketing Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Therapy, Mental Health, & Self-Care

  • Employee Training, Staffing, & Development

  • Real Estate

  • Healthcare

Plant Shadow

We're here. Let's talk.

Tell us your goals.
We'll see how we can help you accomplish them.

Thanks for reaching out! Our team will review your message and get back to you ASAP.

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