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Copywriting Services

Let's amplify your voice, simplify your marketing, and magnify your sales.

Let's face it. Selling gets a bad rap. 

But here's the thing – selling is a transaction of value. Your product or service provides unique value to your customers that only you can offer. And if you have the right copy, whether blogs, captions, email campaigns, or landing page, you can prove that value as fast as they can click "check out."

Want bold, edgy copy? You got it.

Want eloquent, luxurious content? We're at your service.

From clever to courageous, we'll bring your business's voice to life. 

All you need to do is copy and paste.

The Copy Creative - Email copywriting to market your coaching business online
Onlne Course Content Writing

Online Course Content Writing

192+ 5-star reviews

You have a game-changing online course idea. But where should you start? 

Let's play to win. Jumpstart your custom online course training for your clients, customers, or team with:


  • Readable course content and/or video scripts delivered via Word Doc and PDF

  • Objectives and Key Point summaries

  • Actionable Assignments: Quizzes, Journal Prompts, and/or Action Prompts

  • Thorough research to ensure information is valuable to your audience and goals.

Make that dream passive income project of yours even easier by letting us take care of the writing.

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"Do yourself a favor and hire these guys! I’ve gone through dozens of content writers, from the cheap to the “pros” and none of them came even close. But working with Angelie was pure bliss. The writing was exactly what we needed, communication was fantastic, revisions were made accurately and in record time. I’m hiring them again ASAP." - Guy 

SEO Blog Writing

121+ 5-star reviews

Blogs aren't just for fun.


With the right strategy, SEO blog articles can expand your reach, drive traffic to your site, and nurture a relationship of trust with your audience.

We will write consistent SEO blog articles that drive traffic to your website and turn your visitors into paying customers.


  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly 350, 500, or 1,000-word blog articles for your website.

  • Use proven SEO techniques to increase your website traffic.

  • Write content that delivers value to your readers and gets you closer to your unique goals.

Let's boost your SEO, resonate with your audience, and convert passive scrollers into loyal clients.

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SEO Blog Writing


"I continue to work with The Copy Creative because it amazes me how the information that I share can be interpreted and content created that is exactly what I would have written. Quality work, communication, and professionalism. Highly recommend!"

- Christine

Email Copywriting

149+ 5-star reviews

It's one thing to write an email campaign –

it's another to write emails people will actually open.

Your email list is your secret weapon for converting clients and customers. Take your vision for your company straight to their inboxes.

Whether it's a cold email pitch, newsletter series, or drip campaign, we will write emails your audience readers will look forward to opening.


  • Write engaging email series & campaign copy.

  • Create email subject lines & preheaders optimized for a high open rate. 

  • Ensure your emails lead to action & provide value to your readers.

Let your email strategy work for you. All you need to do is schedule your messages, and watch the conversions roll in.

Man working happily at laptop
Email Copywriting


"The Copy Creative is a blessing for those whom aren't sure about e-mail marketing.

Give her the input she needs, and she'll surprise you with her excellent writing skills. I've asked her to write about something very specific and she nailed it within the time limit! I'm looking forward to the next batch of mails. Thanks, Angelie."

- Michel

Social Media Captions 

157+ 5-star reviews

Social media is the new Google.

Your clients and customers will search for you there.

They will make a connection with you there, whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or LinkedIn.

And we're here to make that connection consistent.


  • Write clever social media captions based on your business goals: Engagement, awareness, or conversions.

  • Take the time to understand your target audience and what captures their attention. 

We have a knack for writing in any brand voice in any industry. Let us help you show up for your audience so they can show up for you.

Woman working from Home
Social Media Copywriting


"As ALWAYS, exceptional work and a HUGE load off of my plate! The captions are all incredible and helping out my brand so much already. Have gotten so much engagement! Will be back for much more."

- Victoria

SEO Website Copywriting

98+ 5-star reviews

Your website is your business's first impression.


Let's make it a grand entrance.


Whether it's a Landing Page, Home Page, or About Page, we will write website content that converts your visitors into customers.


  • Write engaging SEO website content.

  • Perform competitive keyword research.

  • Emulate your strong brand voice with stand-out headlines and descriptions.

  • Optimize for sales and conversions, of course.

Speak to your clients and customers with website copy that does just what you want it to.


Sit back, relax, and watch your website grow. 

Woman working with a tropical View
SEO Website Copywriting


"Perfectly captured the voice I was looking for and beautifully wrote compelling sales copy that I'm proud to have on my website. No revisions needed! Can't wait to continue working together. Thank you!!"

- Elaine

"What's the difference between copywriting and content writing?"

Great question.

Content is meant to be consumed. That’s the objective: To engage, entertain, or educate. Our online course content writing and SEO blog articles accomplish this perfectly, allowing you to share your expertise in a profitable, powerful way. 


Copy is meant to sell. It’s meant to convert, stir action, and move your fans. This is the driving result of our email copy, social media captions, and web copy.

Let's use both to connect and convert. 

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