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10 Signs You Should Start Selling Online Courses

Updated: Jun 25

Whether you’re a coach, creator, or entrepreneur, you’ve heard all about the online course movement.

Two sweet, sweet words ring in your ears: Passive. Income.

But is it for real? And should you start selling online courses?

A Quick Look Inside the Online Course Opportunity

Before we dive into the 10 signs you should jump into the online course world, let’s take a look at a few key stats:

  • The online course industry is estimated to be worth $370 billion by 2026

  • The demand for online courses has grown by 400% since 2020.

  • The average Kajabi creator earns over $30,000/year in revenue from their courses alone — and 1 in 3 full-time Kajabi creators make over six figures.

Is it Too Late to Start Selling Online Courses?

Not at all. Some people might say the online course industry is oversaturated. While more and more courses are launched every day, no one has launched your course. No one has the connection you have — or can have — with your community.

If you're trying to replicate what's already out there, you may struggle. But if you develop your own unique framework based on your expertise and experiences, you can stand out and sell out!

10 Signs You Should Start Selling Online Courses

Shane (left) and Angelie Rasmussen (right). The owners of The Copy Creative working together. Shane sits in front of a laptop, while Angelie looks at it.

You’re thinking about it… should you create an online course?

Here are 10 signs creating and selling online courses is just the opportunity you’ve been looking for in your business:

1. You’re a niche industry expert.

No, you don’t have to be “the” name in the coaching industry. But you can be an expert in coaching mompreneurs. You can be a leader in teaching aestheticians how to brand their biz.

If you possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific niche or subject, think about selling online courses. People are always seeking to learn from those well-versed in a particular field.

Don’t be a generalist — be a specialist.

2. You’re always answering the same questions.

This is the best way to spot demand for an online course topic.

Most courses fail because there isn’t an actual need for them.

If you find yourself frequently answering the same questions from your audience, clients, or colleagues, there’s a demand for your knowledge.

Compiling this information into a structured online course can save you time while providing value to a wider audience.

3. You have a passion for teaching and mentoring.

They used to say,

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

Thanks to the online course revolution, the tables have turned.

Now, it’s more like this:

Those who do something SO well, teach (and make a whole lot of money doing it).

Of course, it helps if you have a genuine passion for teaching and helping others learn. Selling online courses can be a truly fulfilling way to share your knowledge and make a positive impact.

4. You have a unique idea.

I hate the sentiment that the coaching or online course world is “oversaturated.”

Yes, it’s oversaturated with the same ‘copy-and-paste’ topics. But it’s undersaturated with fresh, original ideas.

If you have the beginnings of a novel approach, method, or perspective that sets you apart from others in your field, an online course can serve as a platform to showcase and teach your innovative ideas.

5. Your audience calls you a teacher, mentor, inspiration, etc.

Take a look at your testimonials and DMs.

If anyone sees you as a teacher or example, you have the authority to step up as one. This is a strong indicator that the way you share your knowledge resonates with others.

Selling online courses will only allow you to make an even bigger impact.

6. Your audience is growing.

If your blog, social media, YouTube, podcast, or platform of choice is growing, this could be a sign that people are interested in what you have to offer.

Selling online courses is a great way to grow your business’s online presence and build your personal brand.

7. You’ve overcome a personal or professional challenge.

The best courses can be summarized in one simple phrase:

“I’ve gotten from Point A to Point B and want to help you do the same.”

Selling online courses gives you the opportunity to help those who’ve been in your past situation:

Someone stuck in a job they don’t like.

Someone stuck in a toxic relationship they don’t deserve.

Someone stuck between their limited beliefs and their wildest dreams.

If you've personally overcome a challenge or reached a powerful goal — and you can provide actionable steps for others to achieve similar results — you can help others by selling online courses.

8. You don’t have time to make more money.

Let me explain.

Whether you’re a coach or business professional, there comes a point where you only have so much time to give your services.

If you want to scale your business (and spend less time grinding), you need a product or service that doesn’t directly require your time to make money.

Selling online courses can be a goldmine for passive income once it's developed and launched.

It does require initial time and financial investment. But it doesn't require you to book more 1:1 calls to make more money. Once you get in the online-course groove, you can continually generate income today from work you did in the past.

If you're looking for ways to diversify your income streams, look no further.

9. You see a gap — and you wish someone would fill it.

You think to yourself:

“You know, no one talks about __________ enough.”

“There’s not enough resources for how to ____________ out there. Or,

“Someone should really be selling online courses on ____________.”

Why shouldn’t that person be you?

10. You thrive on community.

The best courses don’t just build participants — they build communities.

Research shows the top course creators are 2x more likely to structure their courses on community.

If you love empowering communities, building connections, and fostering friendships, start selling online courses.

Need tips for how to market your online course? Read our blog, "The Ultimate Guide: How to Market an Online Course!"

Start Selling Online Courses with Course Creation Services.

Angelie Rasmussen, the online course content writer at The Copy Creative writing on the ground on her laptop.

Of course, it’s not much of a “passive income" if you spend all your free time, energy, and sanity creating it.

Online courses are an investment for your business. Delegate the parts that leave you scratching your head (or pulling out your hair), and focus your energy on what energizes and empowers you in your business.

That’s where our online course creation services come in. As a content and copywriter, I can:

  • Turn your original course idea, story, and outline into video scripts, talking points, and/or reading material.

  • Write exercises like journal prompts, action prompts, and quizzes to make your course interactive and engaging.

  • Create landing page copy, social media captions, ad copy, blog articles, and other promotional content to help market and sell your online course.

Have any questions about The Copy Creative’s online course process? Need our help writing or marketing your online course?

Reach out here, and we’ll answer your questions ASAP.

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