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How to Market Your Coaching Business Online

Updated: Jun 3

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

Sharing advice with your clients feels natural. Effortless, even. You always seem to know exactly what they need to hear.

But when it comes to your business... it's a different story.

You may have seen the infamous posts saying Instagram suggests we post 1-2 reels each day, 6 stories, weekly lives, and other endless to-dos.

You see other coaches killing it, posting daily on every platform, rolling in the likes, comments, and sign-ups.

But you also know not to compare. You know the importance of your mindset, and you're not about to let unrealistic expectations sabotage your growth. You’re ready to learn how to market your coaching business online from an abundance mindset. One that takes you and your clients to the next level.

So? Let's do it.

✍️ Marketing for Coaches: 101

Welcome to Marketing for Coaches: 101! Before we get started, there are three simple yet powerful rules I want you to remember:

• Marketing for Coaches Rule # 1: Know Your Audience

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Know who you’re talking to before you start talking. Know who you’re posting for before you spend hundreds of hours (or dollars) creating content for them.

I’m not just talking about demographics, here. You want to know who they are on a personal, emotional, and heck, spiritual level.

  • Are they working professionals? They might be on LinkedIn.

  • Are they busy moms? Don’t forget Pinterest and Facebook.

  • Are you meeting them at the beginning or years into their journey?

Instagram isn’t the only platform for marketing for coaches. Know who your dream clients are, where they are, and what they need, and you’ll clarify how to market your coaching business online.

• Marketing for Coaches Rule # 2: Do What You Have to Do to Show Up.

Last year, the coaching industry market size was expected to hit a value of $20 billion. (That’s a billion with a 'B.')

Now, I'm not pulling out the “oversaturated market” card to trigger a scarcity mindset. There’s only one you! Period. But today’s coaches know the importance of showing up consistently. They know that consistent, quality content is the key — the "free sample" of the paid value you have to offer.

Wondering how to market your coaching business online consistently? Do what you have to do to show up, whether that's batching content, hiring a copywriter service, or outsourcing your content creation.

• Marketing for Coaches Rule # 3: You are the Heart of Your Business.

You have to show your face. You need to show you. Your clients aren’t just buying a product — they’re investing time and trusting in your experience, perspective, and personality. Don't be afraid to share your unique voice. Share your stories, not just about your business, but about your life behind the scenes.

The 3 Key Content Strategies: How to Market Your Coaching Business Online

Don't worry — I'm not just about to say the key to knowing how to market your coaching business online is to make a few Instagram Reels. You know that. We're going to dive a bit deeper into how we approach the key content strategies, from email to social media marketing for coaches.

💌 1. Your Email Marketing Strategy is Your Secret Weapon.

Man working on the computer

As a business owner in 2023, it’s easy to feel like everything’s out of our control. It’s easy to feel subject to the all-knowing algorithms and Meta-gods.

So? Focus on what you can control. Invest in what you own: Your email list.

Emails go directly to your client’s inboxes. It’s a chronological "feed." You can use direct links to your website. You can reach your entire audience, no hashtags or trending audio needed.

And the best part is? They signed up for it. They know you. They choose to hear from you directly. Build up your email list, and nurture it as the heart of your content strategy.

How to Market Your Coaching Business Online via Email:

  • Create a Freebie!

A lead magnet attracts potential clients in search of your unique value. Create a freebie — a mini, pocket-sized version of your paid offer. For example,

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting

  • 5 Steps to Starting Your Personal Brand

  • How to Take Your Brand to 5-figure Months

Pro tip: When marketing for coaches, I always suggest my clients use their online course's first chapter/intro as their freebie. This does a great job of introducing them and encouraging them to purchase the full course!

  • Advertise it in your blogs and captions.

Every CTA doesn’t have to "sign up at the link in bio." Invite your audience to join your email list across your content channels! Using the same copywriter service for your blogs, captions, and emails can tie it all together.

  • Create an email newsletter.

Give them a reason to stay. Keep in touch with your email list, just as you would your best friends. Use your go-to copywriter service to bless their inboxes with regular tips, insights, and golden nuggets of value. Make it creative. Unique. Something they look forward to opening, not just another spammy message.

🤝 2. Don't Just Build Followers — Build a Community.

woman using a laptop

Going viral gets you more followers. But creating a community gets you more clients.

A Facebook Group is a powerful way to turn your client base into a fanbase. Drop in regularly with insider tips + captions to encourage members to share their progress and wins along the way.

Not into Facebook? You can gain similar benefits by using your Close Friends story or paid subscription service on Instagram.

🥇3. Collaboration Over Competition Wins Every Time.

Two women recording a podcast

You don’t have to do this alone. You’re a coach! You know the power of working together.

Aim for collaboration over competition. Find other coaches, creators, or business owners with a similar target audience as you.

  • Offer to guest post on their blog (and vice versa). This can greatly increase your SEO (hello, inbound links!) and expand your audience.

  • Show up as a podcast guest and talk about your new course or coaching program.

  • Go "live" with other creators, comment on their posts, and put the “social” back on social media.

Think of it as leaving your business card plus a whole slew of other benefits.

Prioritize Your Energy to Prioritize Your Content with a Copywriter Service.

Your entire content strategy is the "lead magnet," in a way. It’s your all-encompassing "free sample," giving your audience a sneak peek at your endless value.

Approach your captions like mini coaching sessions. Make your blogs a masterclass. Turn your email newsletters into workshops.

Of course, you don’t have the time to do this alone. This is my favorite part of marketing for coaches with my copywriter service: Letting coaches show up in their aligned energy, prioritizing the tasks they enjoy most.

That's what it’s all about. As you focus your energy on the parts of your business you love — the ones that energize, inspire, and empower you — your clients will feel it. You’ll show up in the energy that manifests growth, building your business to success.

That’s how to market your coaching business online.

Let us take care of your social media writing, blog writing, and email copywriting checklists. Even more? Let us take your unique voice and amplify it with consistency, quality, and confidence.

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