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5 Marketing Lessons From "Everything Everywhere All At Once"

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Everything Everywhere All At Once won 7 Oscars – and here's what it teaches us about brand storytelling.

From Best Picture and Original Screenplay to Best Actress and Supporting Actor, Everything Everywhere All At Once took on the Oscar stage and left no (everything bagel) crumbs.

We can learn the best brand storytelling lessons from the world's best storytellers: Writers, directors, and actors. Here are just a few reasons why Everything Everywhere All At Once became a multi-Academy Award winner and how we can apply its success to our brand storytelling and copywriting strategies.

5 Brand Storytelling Strategies We Can Learn From Academy Award Winner, "Everything Everywhere All At Once"

1. Be wildly original in your copywriting.

Hot dog fingers, talking rocks, and everything bagels.

Nothing about this film felt like a repeat of what we’ve seen before.

Your audience is tired of watching the same movie — of reading, watching, & liking the same content.

Dare to think outside of the googly-eyed copywriting box.

2. Make your audience feel things.

The impact of Everything Everywhere All At Once isn’t as much about the actual plot as it is the emotional plot.

It’s not just about "saving the multiverse;" it’s about healing family relationships, the power of empathy, and whether or not nothing matters — or everything matters. (All I know is I’m suddenly grateful for laundry and taxes.)

So, what is the emotion behind your copywriting? How is your story more about your customers?

3. Give them choices.

We're all a bit indecisive.

Like Everything Everywhere All At Once, paint a picture of your audience's "alternative life paths." Give them a glimpse into what will happen when they do work with you vs. what may happen if they don’t.

4. Be unpredictable in your brand storytelling.

In order to leap through timelines, each character had to find and make the most unpredictable decision. This kept us viewers on our toes, both laughing and crying every minute.

If you’re predictable, there's no need for your audience to pay attention.

Keep your audience on the edge of their seats in your brand storytelling by always moving, adapting, and surprising them.

5. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Surveys showed 46% of the film's viewers bought tickets because "they heard it was good."

The goal isn’t to just get as many new customers as you can on your own. Nurture your current customer base into a fan base — a community.

From there, they’ll do half of the marketing for you.

Craft Award-Winning Brand Storytelling for Your Business

Your brand story is waiting to be told. Turn your audience into your community and unlock the power of brand storytelling with copywriting crafted to educate, entertain, and engage.

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Shane Rasmussen
Shane Rasmussen
Mar 14, 2023

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