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5 Creative Marketing Strategies Taught by Taylor Swift

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Taylor Swift will be known as one of the most successful artists of our generation. But if you ask me, she’ll also be known as a branding genius.

From Red and Reputation to Evermore and Midnights, Taylor Swift's eras are a marketing masterclass.

Why You Need a Creative Marketing Strategy for Your Business Copywriting

T-Swift isn't popular because she's generic (contrary to anti-Swifties' beliefs). There aren't many artists out there whose fans have their own nickname and hold power to change the price of eggs (iykyk).

Every creative marketing strategy should begin with competitive research. This isn’t to copy what everyone else is doing — it’s to find an opportunity to stand out.

Nearly 3 in 4 people admit to just skimming articles. While I hope you're the 1 in 4, I get it. In the ~37 seconds you'll spend reading this article, my goal is to write something different. Something unique. AKA, something you'll remember.

Just because your audience doesn't savor every word doesn’t mean your business copywriting doesn’t matter. In fact, it matters even more. It means your business copywriting needs to leave an impact, a ringing in your readers' ears.

In short? Make it as memorable as your favorite Swift lyrics.

5 Creative Marketing Strategies Taught by Taylor Swift Throughout the Eras

Taylor Swift is actually a branding, marketing, and storytelling genius. Here’s what her iconic eras can teach us about business copywriting and creative marketing strategies:

1. It's okay to pivot.

Bored with your branding? Tired of your current business copywriting? See a new market opportunity?

Take the leap. Enter your brand's new era. As Taylor has taught us, it's okay to rebrand and reimagine your voice (in fact, it's even iconic).

2. Repurpose your content. (Taylor’s Version)

Find your best content, and reinvent it. Turn your reels into blogs, your emails into social media captions, and your business copywriting into video scripts.

If your content is high-quality, it will still resonate with your audience years later.

– Sincerely, me, lying on the cold, hard ground sobbing to All Too Well (10-minute Version) (Taylor's Version).

3. Use specificity in storytelling.

Taylor's lyrics aren't generic. They're about the green grass at Centennial Park and Este missing on a Tuesday night at Olive Gardеn.

Specificity in business copywriting helps visualize the story for your audience. It creates shared experiences, connections, and inside jokes between you and your customers.

4. Reward your fanbase.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour isn't about recruiting new fans but connecting with and rewarding her loyal fans.

Her creative marketing strategy is genius: The more loyal you are to her music, the more you get out of it. As they invest in her "brand," they're rewarded with Easter eggs, complex puzzles, and iconic clues.

5. Stand up for what you’re passionate about.

The Man? You Need to Calm Down? Shake it Off? Look What You Made Me Do? Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince?

They're all about standing up for herself and what she believes in.

Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers by sharing your passions in your creative marketing strategy. You may lose some followers, but you'll gain fans in the process.

Build an Unforgettable Reputation with Your Business Copywriting

Looking for more creative marketing strategies? Make your brand stand out with the help of our done-for-you business copywriting! Enter your iconic new marketing era with the help of The Copy Creative.

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Shane Rasmussen
Shane Rasmussen
25 mar 2023

I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but she sure knows how to get people excited for her new music, old music, concerts, and literally anything remotely related to her. She is a creative marketing guru. I bet she could run for president and win....

Me gusta
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