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5 Signs You Need Copywriting Services

Updated: Jul 4

You started your business so you could do things your way.

So you could spend your time the way you want to. To focus more on what you love and less on what you don’t.

Except… You’re finding less and less time to actually do that.

You’re not just a business owner: You’re a marketer, accountant, consultant, and graphic designer. You’re DIYing it and realizing… this isn't how you want to run your business.

You realize that outsourcing these tasks = more time to focus on why you actually started your business. It means more time to take on new clients, make more money, or simply do less.

And one of the most rewarding tasks you can outsource is copywriting services.

What Are Copywriting Services?

"Copy" refers to any words used to market your business.

Copywriting services write this for you, taking care of website copy, social media copy, email copy... you get it.

A copywriting agency uses marketing, psychology, and journalistic techniques to strategically influence your audience to take action.

This isn’t just content written by AI — it’s copy crafted to show how your unique offerings can solve your target audience’s specific problems.

5 Signs You’re in Desperate Need of Copywriting Services

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re also a copywriter. Even if you hated English class back in the day, writing blogs, captions, web pages, and email campaigns makes you the copywriter for your business.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thinking of investing in copywriting services for your business? Here are 5 signs it’s time to hit the all-relieving outsource button:'


You’re a business owner, not a content creator.

You signed up to be a coach, real estate agent, photographer, or entrepreneur — not a marketer or writer. Hiring a copywriting agency can give you the freedom to focus your energy on what you’re truly passionate about. The tasks only you can do. A.K.A., the tasks that directly make you money.

My copywriting services aren’t just about "social media captions" or "blog posts." They're about strategy.

As the lead writer at our copywriting agency, I create a foundation for your content marketing strategy that streamlines the rest of your workflow.

  • For example, once you have social media captions, you can copy and paste that text into a carousel template. Or, turn on the camera, read it, and turn it into an Instagram Reel.

Copy isn't just words — it’s a gateway to spending less time staring at a blank screen, just *hoping* the words will appear.


You’ve heard it again and again: You need to be posting and producing content consistently. But this isn’t just to appease the algorithms — it’s to get in front of your target audience.

It’s about reminding them of your value.

I remember sitting in my psychology class at university, learning about the science of how relationships form. It all narrows down to two main factors:

  1. Familiarity

  2. Proximity.

This is how we build relationships. The more familiar we are with someone, the more they trust us. The closer we are to them, the closer we grow together. But you’re marketing online… How can you be closer in proximity?

By posting consistently!

Think of every piece of content as a way to get closer to and more familiar with your audience. Each post, email, and blog is a new interaction, hangout session, and conversation with your audience, turning them from strangers into acquaintances, acquaintances into friends, and friends into loyal clients.

Investing in copywriting services allows you to do this. You spend a few minutes filling out a questionnaire, and soon enough, you'll have captions for every day, email newsletters for every week, and blogs for every month.

Then? All you need to do is 'copy and paste' to show up consistently.


Maybe you already have the followers. Your blogs, posts, funnels, and ads have a high number of clicks…

But as for the conversions? *crickets*

  • Having a following ≠ Sales.

  • Clicks ≠ Sales.

Your copy should clarify the unique value only you offer. It should instill your clients' confidence in why they need to invest in your services.

Instead of leaving your page with questions, they should head to the checkout page with answers.

Your copy is your sales pitch. It should be clear, customized, and connective to your audience’s challenges, goals, and experiences. Even more? It should show how your unique services can solve their unique problems.

That’s the power of a quality copywriting agency.


It’s as simple as that.

If staring at a blank Microsoft Word document gives you anxiety (and painful flashbacks to your college days), hire copywriting services.

You’re a business owner. You get to decide what you do AND what you don’t do. Whether you’re not good at writing or just don’t like it, don’t do it!

Give your copywriting to-do list to someone who loves it. Who thrives, is trained in it, and can help you go farther. Then? Use your leftover energy to focus on the tasks you do love (or clock out early)!


Speaking of to-do lists… yours isn't getting done.

Maybe you’ve had “website launch” or “rebrand” on your business’s to-do list for months now. But you’ve held off, not knowing where to start — not knowing how to put your life’s work into words.

If you’re pushing off your to-do list because of marketing, hire copywriting services. Whether it's copy for your new website, rebrand, or new project, outsource it and make it happen.


You don’t have to do it alone. It’s 2023 — it’s time to work less, sell more. Let us take the words out of your mouth and the work out of your marketing.

As a top-rated, global copywriting agency with over 700 5-star reviews, we can help you...

  • Spend less time on your marketing.

  • Show up for your audience consistently.

  • Optimize for sales, not just likes and clicks.

  • Focus on the tasks you love.

  • Get your to-do list done!

Have any questions? We’re ready to listen and answer. Reach out to our team, and find out how you can take your business to the next level.

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